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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

You spend a lot of time and money building your email list.  As well you should!

Whether you're selling your own products or services, or making it happen as an affiliate, email is a very important part of your marketing strategy, and will be for a long time.

Plus, you spend hours upon hours writing the perfect emails linking to your offers.  You may even spend money to hire copywriters to write them for you.

Regardless, your income depends on how well your list responds to your emails.

After all, the money is in the list! 

Even according to eMarketer, email still holds the top spot for ROI (return on investment) of any marketing format online!

You know that "The Money Is In The List"...and here's the proof:

Source: “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2016: Relevancy, Frequency, Deliverability and Mobility” – eMarketer

Now, you're about to discover three (3) must-have tools that will impel your subscribers to pay close attention to every email you send...and virtually force them to click through to your offers!

Well, now that you know that email out performs every other form of marketing, let me ask you a quick question:  

How may tools do you own that help your emails perform better?

Not many, I bet.  I searched on my computer and didn't find much...

Then I looked online...not much there, either!


The highest performing marketing asset...and very few tools exist to help you make the most of it.

Thats why I created this tool.

You and I need tools to help us take advantage of the power that lies inside of each email we send.

But there's one real problem you'll have when you use may already experience it.

In fact, if there ever was a tool to build for email marketing, it would solve this one problem:


They suck, let me tell you.

You send out an email to hundreds or even thousands of people...

Almost half of them open your email!

And then your head sinks as you find out that less than 3% of the people clicked the link inside.

How are you supposed to feel when that happens?

Not good, I can tell you.  Even when open rates are super high, it means nothing (zilch, zero, goose egg) if only a very small percentage of your subscribers actually click the links inside of your emails.  

Why leave it to chance when it comes to the reason you build your lists or write your emails in the first place?  

Isn't the whole idea to profit from your list?  

How can you do that when hardly anyone clicks the links in your emails?
The Best Tool For Creating Higher Converting Emails!
...On The Planet.
  • Engage your subscribers with proven graphic elements like never before!
  • A complete, step-by-step graphics creation software to build specifically for EMAIL
  • Generate amazing scarcity in your emails, just like the pros - without spending pro money
  • Connect with your subscribers on a psychological level equal to NLP masters using personalized images
  • Use the power of video inside your emails to take advantage of the most engaging element online
If you take action right now, you get instant access to EmailDyno Professional Edition for a LOW MONTHLY PRICE of just $67, $47, only $17 per month
Engaging Graphic #1:  Countdown Timer
The Most Customizable Timer (for email) On The Market...
The EmailDyno countdown timer uses the psychological triggers of urgency and scarcity to take FOMO (fear of missing out) to the next level.  When your subscribers see a countdown timer in their email counting down to the second when your offer is no longer available, something in the back of their mind kicks in and they can't resist the urge to buy any longer!
...And The Easiest To Customize
They also give you a reason to send more emails the closer the end of your offer comes to close.  Imagine sending three or four emails to your list in one day.  Think about how annoying that might be for your, what if you had a countdown timer in those same emails?  There would be a clear reason to send those emails, and your list will thank you for keeping them in the loop and keeping your offer at the top of their mind while it was still valid and before it ends for good.

The EmailDyno countdown timers are some of the most customizable on the internet.  There are 5 different themes to choose from and each are fully customizable to match your brand.
Just Look At These Gorgeous Timers Created With EmailDyno!
New Feature!  (Just Added...)
Evergreen Countdown Timers!
Ecommerce Sellers Rejoice!

This feature was requested by some of our many e-commerce users.  They wanted a way for their countdown timers to show inside of emails...even if the actual deadline has passed.

Now, you can set your timer to 'evergreen' and choose an amount of time to countdown if a subscriber has opened your email after your promotion has ended!
Engaging Graphic #2:  Video Overlay
The Most Engaging Element Online!
Video is still one of the most engaging elements online.  In email, any reference to video is proven to increase clicks.  It just makes sense to include a video overlay image inside of your email leading to a page where they can watch your video online.
How Easy Is It?
Before now, you would have to take a screenshot of your video...take that into an image editing app, like Photoshop...then you'd have to find a graphic image of a 'play button', change the color of everything if the video image was too bright, and much more.  Once your image was just the way you want it, you'd have to upload that image online somewhere...wrap it in some linking code...and finally, put all of that code into your email theme or template.  Whew!
With EmailDyno, all you have to do is upload your screenshot, choose from a few options, and copy the code we give you into your email theme or template.  Easy Peasy!
Engaging Graphic #3:  Personalized Images
"A person’s name is...the sweetest and most important sound in any language." - Dale Carnegie
Connect With Your Subscribers Now!
You will surely create a lasting, personal bond with your list when you send them an image with their own name integrated directly into the image.  Imagine sending your subscribers an image of a certificate of completion for one of your courses when they're done?  Or even send it to them before they're SHOW them what it will look like and encourage them to take your course with the promise of achieving this coveted award!
Literally Endless Possibilities!
You could send them an image of a t-shirt with their name printed right on the shirt.  Or a webinar ticket with their name as the attendee on the ticket.  The opportunities are endless with the EmailDyno personalized image element!
EmailDyno Comes Complete With Analytics You Can Use!
Know Your Audience
If you don't know how many impressions or clicks your EmailDyno elements are generating for you, how can you know it's working?  That's why we've integrated analytics you can use!
Know What's Working...And What's Not
We'll show you the total numbers at the collection level so you can determine your campaign well as at the element level because we know you want to see how each element performs!
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Plus, EmailDyno Works With Every Email Service!
(Including Any With A Custom HTML Widget) 
What Our Customers Are Saying
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"EmailDyno is a great purchase for anyone who is serious about e-mail marketing. The code snippets are immensely powerful, yet easy to use, even without much technical knowledge. EmailDyno's enhancements take your email campaigns to the next level! Highly recommended and well worth the purchase."

Chris Abra - VP of Technology at Passion Sports Inc.
"I purchased EmailDyno to utilize for my start-up as well as for some side projects. I have received positive feedback from recipients in particular using the photo template. We are currently planning a new product launch and the EmailDyno email templates will be playing a key role."

Robert Williger - CMO at MapFig Inc.
"Wow! I love the image customized name overlay feature personalizing directly to the users! We are the overlay guys and we love this! Great work Phil, Fraz, Karl and Team!"

Tony Weedn - CEO,
"We've been using video overlay and timer elements in our emails recently with great results and Email Dyno makes it so simple do it now!"

Jeremy Gislason - Promote Labs Inc.
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We’re 100% Confident That You Will Love EmailDyno and it will be with A out doubt the best Dynamic Email Element Builder you will ever have. But If You Don’t...

We're Offering A Full 30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with our software.
If you take action right now, you get instant access to EmailDyno Professional Edition for a LOW MONTHLY PRICE of just $67, $47, only $17 per month
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