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Create Your Own Turnkey Business In An Instant With EmailDyno Agency Edition!
Usually the last thing you think about is growing your business with a new tool you've purchased.  Then while you're using it and as you see how it helps you, you begin to wonder how you could use it to help others...then it dawns on you that you could even charge a fee for this service!

That's why we've created the EmailDyno Agency Edition!  We want to help you achieve your goals; so we decided that since there's no possible way that we're going to sell this system to everyone who might need it, we would make it available to our users to sell.

Once you purchase this upgrade, you'll see a new "Users" menu item in the app navigation bar.  This will take you to a screen where you can easily add up to 20 additional users under your account.  Each user you create will have access to all of the elements in your account...so if you have the Professional Edition, they will all have access to the three most engaging elements for email; and if you have upgraded to the Master Edition, they will also have access to the four additional elements in your account.
Exclusive "Login As User" Feature!
Ever want to see what your users are doing with the access you've given them?  Well, with our one-of-a-kind "login as user" feature, now you can!

Once you login as one of your users, you'll be able to legally and ethically spy in there account.  You can view analytics, create and edit collections and elements; in fact, you'll be able to everything in their account that you can do in your own!
Plus, whenever you're finished doing whatever you need to in their account, you'll be able to easily switch back to your own account.
AGENCY EDITION upgrade...the perfect way to create your own turnkey business around engaging and effective emails!
Just so you know...this upgrade is not needed to gain the benefits of using EmailDyno Professional or Master Editions.  You've already made a purchase and that comes fully functional.  No worries there.
This EmailDyno Agency Edition upgrade is just what it says...an upgrade giving you the ability to create up to 20 sub-users inside of your account.  We've found that more advanced users or those with broader reach will want to use this feature to build their own business.
As a EmailDyno owner, you can STILL get instant access to EmailDyno Agency Edition for only THREE EASY PAYMENTS of ONLY $67
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