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Let's face it.  You can embed all of the highest converting graphics in the world inside of the emails you send; but if your copy doesn't convert, it will only matter to the extent that the graphics can convert

In other words, your copy can make just as much, if not more, of a difference towards converting your subscribers.

On the other hand, you may be a secret copywriting sensei...if so, then carry on Conversion Master!

But if you're like the rest of us, and you KNOW you have great offers; but just aren't able to get your point across as effectively as you want, then listen up:
It's Easier Than You Think
Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever read an email that seemed to speak to you directly?

Wanna know why it did?  

Sure you do...because you want to re-create that experience for every email you write to your subscribers, right?

It's not magic!  Oh, that's what copywriters would have you believe.  They want you to think that you can't do it yourself because they want your money!

But if you had the same templates and strategies they had, you'd be able to do it without their help...and they don't want you to know that.

Which is why we reached out to one of the most famous copywriters in our industry, and convinced him to share his secrets with you!
Now You, Too, Can Learn From The Best!

This cat may look like a modern-day Earnest Hemingway with a tie, but this is one of the best copywriters alive today.

He knows more about the dark arts of persuasion than almost anyone else on the planet. He’s written for some of the biggest names online, has spoken at events across the US and has helped thousands of people sell more product, with less effort.

This is Colin Theriot, founder of the legendary Cult of Copy Facebook group.

Let’s be honest: telling everyone you’re a copywriting expert is easy.

But having 20,000+ people turn to you for advice, including legends like John Carlton and Jon Benson, and top writers from Agora… 

That only happens when even the experts realize you know your stuff:

Just For EmailDyno Customers, Colin Has Agreed To Share His Secrets...At A Huge Discount!

Colin’s copywriting training is universally regarded as some of the best in the world.

And it’s not just because of his reputation.

It’s because he knows how to take the concepts it takes most copywriters years to learn, and explain them in a way you just get, right away.

That moment is like someone kicking a door open in your head.  

Suddenly, good copywriting doesn’t seem like magic.  

When you know all the right structures to use, when you know how to get inside your prospect’s head, when you know how to tell the story that doesn’t just make them want your product but makes them think they always did…

That’s when you know your business is about to get a lot bigger, very fast.

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Two Courses That Will Determine Your Email Destiny
With these two treasure troves of copywriting gold as part of your email arsenal, you'll be able to turn your email list into the most profitable asset in your business!
Course #1:  Email Sequence Copy Training
Want to know about all the different types of swipe pattern emails to send your list?

Want to know the exact templates used for writing them?

Want to know why they work?

Want to know when to send them?

Yeah, we thought so...We did too!  Plus, we knew this would be the absolute best training to pair with EmailDyno.  Here's what this course covers:
  • The exact email writing templates that Colin uses to construct individual messages

  • Several sales email templates for selling your own or affiliate products

  • Colin's autoresponder formula for stringing together series of emails to do pre-launches, post-launches, or even just chaining a bunch of pre-selling and sales messages to make more from your list
This course will set you on your way to becoming a master email marketer faster than any other training system. 
Course #2:  Secrets To Sending Daily Emails
If you have an email list because you want to make money from it...know this:

The lists that mail FREQUENTLY and make the MOST OFFERS are the ones that make the MOST MONEY.

Email every day - make an offer every day.

That is what you should really be doing if the point of having a list is to send emails that make money. 

Do you have these problems:

1. You don't know how to make an offer every day without making it feel like a PITCH. Ask yourself this: why are you scared about making a pitch if there is actual value in the email, too?

2. You are scared of your audience mass unsubscribing leaving you with no list anyway. Ask yourself this: why are you interested in having a buyers list with subscribers who hate being sold to?

3. You don't know how to come up with good content every day to justify the offers you aim to make. Ask yourself this: how many stupid, pointless things do people check on the internet every day? The bar is pretty low.

4. You don't have sufficient products in your catalog to justify emailing every single day. Ask yourself this: what makes you think you need more than one product? Even if people already bought it, they might still want to read your emails if you're providing value.

Colin was able to find a group of email marketers that have successfully solved these problems and he is sharing all of what he learned with you in this course.

You'll never guess who they are...TELEVANGELISTS!

That's right.  Just don't freak out because the patterns, the formulas, and the emotional and mental VALUE they express is NOT actually specific to religion.


If you can do that, you can email an audience every day, make an offer every day, and make more money from the product(s) you already have, while making your subscribers SUPER HAPPY to receive these stealth promos every single day.
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These courses sell publicly for $250 each.  And they're well worth that and more!  In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find them for sale at all.  Colin is very proud of his work and he doesn't let just anyone sell his stuff.

But as an exclusive offer to EmailDyno customers only, you don't have to pay $500.00.

More importantly, now you won't have to stare blankly at your computer screen, hoping for divine inspiration, when trying to write your emails.

Now, you'll be able to get to work writing your emails with purpose; knowing exactly what you're going to write and why your writing those particular words.

Your email marketing will never be the same with EmailDyno and Colin's copy training courses.

Don't miss out on this.

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Your business and your future will thank you.
Click the button below now and get immediate download access to two of the greatest pieces of copy training ever created.
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