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EmailDyno Master Edition
These 4 Additional EmailDyno Master Elements Will Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level!
Upgrade To Take Your Backend Options From This:
To This:
Engaging Graphic #4:  Bulletproof Buttons
(just an example...we know, it's tempting)
These incredible BULLETPROOF BUTTONS render perfectly in every email client on every matter what!
If your email template is using images for buttons, they may not appear in most email, they're so 2010!  Most email templates today use CSS style that will simply put a background behind your link to make it LOOK like a button.  Again, not the best solution out there; because if someone clicks on the background, they won't go anywhere.

Plus EmailDyno Buttons are extremely customizable!  From rounded corners to amazing colors, your links can take on a whole new persona and beg to be clicked inside of every email you send.
Actual screenshot of EmailDyno Button settings
IntroducIng TRUE BULLETPROOF BUTTONS!  The buttons we let you create inside of EmailDyno Master Upgrade are PERFECT!  Our buttons will allow anyone to click anywhere on the button and go directly to your link.  Plus, they render just right in every email client and on every device.  Never worry again if your undeniable calls-to-action will get the click!
Engaging Graphic #5:  Progress Steps
Amazing PROGRESS STEPS encourage your audience to take the next step!
These are popular with ecommerce marketers...but they can be used in any situation where you need a subscriber to complete a process.  In the ecom example, you would send an email to someone who may have abandoned their shopping could send them an email with the Progress Step graphic to easily communicate the fact that they have items in their cart and gives them a visual incentive to checkout.  No one wants to leave anything undone!
Actual screenshot of EmailDyno Progress Steps settings
Another use case would be if you want a potential subscriber to confirm their email address as part of a double opt-in process.  Use the Progress Step graphic to convey the importance of clicking through to get on your exclusive list!  You could use this amazing graphic for anything that requires someone to complete a process.

The EmailDyno Progress Steps are extremely unique and, yet, super effective at setting psychological expectations.  Use them wisely.
Icons without containers 
Four (4) steps
Custom background color and icons with round containers
May have two, three, or four steps
Engaging Graphic #6:  Surveys
Use Sensational SURVEYS directly inside of your emails to entice your subscribers to engage - OR - even segment your list depending on how they answer!
We all know that Surveys are one of the most engaging elements online.  So there's that.  We think the best feature of the Surveys in the EmailDyno Master Upgrade is their ability to segment your list!  See, you'll be able to set a URL for each survey answer, so you can send your list to different web pages depending on how they, you could use your email service provider to perform actions like add a tag or move to another email sequence - based on their answer to your survey!
Actual screenshot of survey settings inside of EmailDyno
Imagine that you have a camping product website:  You could send an email with an EmailDyno Survey asking what type of equipment they would need to upgrade their camping gear.  Let's say one of your survey answers was a 6-person tent...if they click that answer, move them to a sequence focusing on a tent purchase AND send them to a 6-person tent product page on your website.  Now your emails are earning for you!

Look below to see some of the beautiful surveys you can create for email:
Choose from multiple option icons 
Change fonts and colors 
Even choose background colors for HTML email templates
Engaging Graphic #7:  Ratings
Engaging RATINGS graphics give you indispensable insight into your audience!
Exceptionally savvy marketers know that learning about a subscriber's Net Promoter Score is the best way to determine their level of loyalty.  We give you a way to include a Ratings graphic (from 1 to 5) directly inside of your email...when a user clicks one of graphic elements giving you a star rating, you can immediately act upon their answer.  
You can set each start rating to go different URLs, if they give you 1 or 2 stars, you may send them to a customer support page.  On the other hand, if they give you a 4 or 5 star rating, you could send them to a page asking them to give you a review!
Multiple icons to choose from
Custom text for low and high ratings
Even change background color for custom HTML email templates
MASTER EDITION upgrade...the ONLY tool for dynamic emails that you'll ever need!
Just so you know...this upgrade is not needed to gain the benefits of using EmailDyno Professional Edition.  You've already purchased that and it comes fully functional with the three most engaging elements for email.  No worries there.
This EmailDyno Master Edition upgrade is just what it upgrade giving you four (4) additional elements to use in your emails.  We've found that more advanced users or those with broader reach will want to use these additional elements for very specific needs.

For instance, Offliners or Local Marketing Consultants would more likely use the Ratings element for their clients...and E-commerce Entrepreneurs would benefit greatly from using the Progress Steps element to get more people to finish checking out from their website stores.
As a charter member, if you take action right now, You get instant access to the EmailDyno Master Edition for a LOW ONE-TIME PRICE of only $197, $147, just $97
NOTE:  Access to the EmailDyno Master Edition is a one-time fee separate from the Professional Edition.
EmailDyno Master Edition
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